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Course ID Course Name Bookstore ID Resources Description
GE233 Introduction to Life Science PSI132 View View
This course introduces life science from a Christian worldview. Course topics include biological organization and hierarchy, energy and nutrient flow cycles, population biology, genetics and reproduction, and cellular biology.
BI101DL Bible Survey I (OT) OT231 View View
A survey of the history, literature and theology of the Old Testament with a specific emphasis on the contemporary application of Old Testament teachings. A critical examination of the concept of covenant in the Old Testament will occur throughout the course. A critical analysis of specific Old Testament passages will contextualize the broader themes and teachings of the Old Testament.
BI102DL Bible Survey II (NT) NT232 View View
A survey of the New Testament including events in the life of Christ, the development of the early church, the work of the followers of Christ, and the influence on organizations and people in the first century.
BI103DL Romans NT423 View View
This course is an exegetical and historical study of Paul\'s Epistle to the Romans with exposition and application of the book\'s leading themes.
BI211DL Acts NT431 View View
A study of the Acts of the Apostles that specifically follows the historical expansion of the church through doctrinal development, growth in understanding, evangelism and geographical expansion through the missionary activities of its members. We will become acquainted with the activities of the great church leaders of the first century, e.g., Peter, James and Paul.
CTH232 Biblical Worldview CTH232 View View
A study of the biblical worldview as presented in the Old and New Testaments. Use of the Scripture to explore the role of general revelation (the creation) and special revelation (the Scriptures) and to experience God at work in the modern world.
ENG131 Composition and Reading I ENG131 View View
This course is an exercise in critical reading and thinking and effective strategies of persuasion. It is also a study of paragraph and composition structure, focusing on expository and persuasive writing as well as the "rhetorical modes" with their use individually and cooperatively, and on research and proper documentation requirements at the college level.
ENG132 Composition and Reading II ENG132 View View
An exercise in the ability to read and think critically and to write persuasively. A study of the collection and synthesis of information from a variety of sources, focusing on the ability to use such information to logically construct an argument.
ENG133 Composition and Grammar ENG133 View View

A review of the basics of the composition forms used in written language and the proper use of grammar in both written and oral forms.

ENG332 Literature of C. S. Lewis ENG332 View View
This course explores the life and literature of C. S. Lewis in order to gain perception into his theology, the various genres in which he wrote, and the principles that make his writings meaningful. The study provides an in depth examination of the literature and historical time frame for this literary period. Students will engage in a process of critical reading, responding, analyzing, interpreting, writing, and research.
GE211 World History HIS231 View View
A study of the foundations of the modern world from the first civilizations through the 18th century, including Western and non-Western classical civilizations, the Middle Ages, and the age of absolutism.
GE220 College Algebra I MAT131 View View
The development of mathematical concepts for application to the student's work and daily life. A review of mathematical concepts including the basics of algebra and geometry.
GE221 College Algebra II MAT 150 View View
In this course, you will explore the mathematical features and functions of college-level algebra and their applications. This study will focus on identifying, solving, and graphing linear, quadratic, rational, polynomial, exponential, and logarithmic functions. Your work in this course will give you a greater understanding of the relationship between numbers and enhance your problem-solving skills. While there are no prerequisite course requirements, it is assumed that students have, at a minimum, a high school mathematics equivalency.
HIS201 U.S. History Through Reconstruction HIS201 View View
This American history survey course covers the period from before the first European settlements in the New World through Reconstruction. The course covers political, economic, and social aspects that emerged with American colonization, discontent with English rule, the American Revolution, and how these events shaped the formation of a new republic, the creation of the Constitution, expansion and spread of democracy, the Industrial Revolution, westward expansion, the Antebellum South, the Civil War and other conflicts, culminating with the development of America through the period of Reconstruction. Students will engage in critical reading and writing, analysis and evaluation, and research. There are no prerequisites for this course.
HIS202 U.S. History Since Reconstruction HIS202 View View
This American history survey course covers the period since the Reconstruction and into twenty-first century America. The course covers national and international developments and events that shape the U. S. culture, economics, and political landscapes today. Emphasis is on an understanding of expansion, industrialization, urbanization, social and cultural reforms, foreign policies, immigration, rise of big business, economic crashes and depressions, wars and conflicts, and the emergence of the U. S. as a world leader and super power. Students will engage in critical reading and writing, analysis and evaluation, research, and think critically about how major topics in U. S. history impact America today.
LD331 Biblical Concepts of Leadership LD331 View View
A study of the concepts of leadership in the context of Scripture and application of these concepts to personal, professional and career goals. The course will include the use of a survey to assess each individual's leadership capabilities to help him/her to understand his/her personal profile.
OT333 History of the Israelite Kingdom OT333 View View
This course is a study of the history of the people of God in the Old Testament as that history is recorded from Genesis through Esther. It will consider God\'s redemptive plan as it is expressed in His covenants with Israel. Special emphasis will be made to help the student understand the geography of the Near East.
PSI131 Earth Science PSI131 View View
A study of earth science. Focus on physical and historical geology, meteorology and descriptive astronomy, and economic, social, and philosophic aspects.
SS215 Church History I HIS233 View View
A study of the history of the Christian Church from its founding on the day of Pentecost to the beginning of the Reformation with special emphasis upon the people, events and doctrinal controversies that were significant in the growth of Christianity.