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Course ID Course Name Bookstore ID Resources Description
ABC 4623 Geneva College Introduction to Atheneo ABC 4623 View View
This is a course to familiarize new students with the Geneva College Atheneo online course system.
ACE 150 KE Fundamentals of Accounting BUS331 View View
This course provides an overview of accounting from the perspective of a non-accounting manager. It helps to develop the tools to understand the essentials of how finance functions within an organization. This includes internal controls, the function of accounting, historical accounting data and financial planning. The course also provides an overview of how to manage a business by God's principles
ACE 155 KE Faith and Money PD131 View View

This class will teach the students what God says about handling money and possessions with a goal of the student learning to be financially free and spiritually free. A practical method of budgeting is included. It will also cover God�s principles of living honestly, being accountable, dealing with debt, giving, work, and eternity.

ADL 119 Foundations in Personal Finance PDR101m View View
This course introduces personal financial literacy and wealth management. Based on the widely-recognized money management principles of Dave Ramsey, students will learn the essentials of financial planning for the present and future and will acquire knowledge and skills to take charge of their finances through saving, budgeting, investing, and other financial management strategies. There are no prerequisites for this course.
BBL 135 KE Wisdom Literature ETH431 View View
A study of Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and the Song of Songs that emphasizes the genius of Hebrew poetry and the doctrinal depth, spiritual value and ethical implications of these books.
BBL 251 KE Church History I HIS233 View View
A study of the history of the Christian Church from its founding on the day of Pentecost to the beginning of the Reformation with special emphasis upon the people, events and doctrinal controversies that were significant in the growth of Christianity.
BBL 252 KE Church History II HIS234 View View
A study of the history of the Christian Church from the dawning of the Reformation to the present time with special emphasis upon the people, events and doctrinal controversies that were significant in the growth of Christianity.
BBL 303 KE Old Testament Pentateuch OT334 View View
A study of the five books of Moses, with emphasis upon Genesis, Exodus, the institutions of Israel and the history of the nation in its formative period. It will consider God\\\'s redemptive plan as it is expressed in His covenants with Israel. Special emphasis will be made to help the student understand the geography of the Near East.
BIB 112 KE Old Testament Survey OT231 View View
This course introduces adult students to the history, doctrine and background features of the books of the Bible that were written prior to the incarnation of Jesus Christ. Our primary goal in this course is to help students become better readers of the Old Testament.
BIB 113 KE New Testament Survey NT232 View View
A survey of the New Testament including events in the life of Christ, the development of the early church, the work of the followers of Christ, and the influence on organizations and people in the first century and beyond. This knowledge and understanding is extended into applications in the life and personal devotions of the learner.
BIB 200 KE How to Read the Bible BIB331 View View
A study of the process that led to the creation of the English Bible and its authority, a survey of the principles and practice of independent Bible study, including an emphasis on the grammatical historical approach to biblical interpretation. The student will study methods of application leading to the development of theme, proposition and finally the lesson itself.
BSS 217 KE Entrepreneurship BUS333 View View
This course covers the various disciplines, activities and skill sets required to be successful as an entrepreneur. It explains the physiological and analytical aspects of successful entrepreneurship as well as skill sets needed in the disciplines of management, marketing, accounting, operations and law.
EGL 101 English Composition EGL 101 View View
EGL 101 English Composition (3 credits; meets English GRADUATION REQUIREMENT in ADP) This course will engage students in the production of effective academic writing. It is designed to meet the composition needs of beginning or returning college students. It will teach the rhetorical and arrangement skills that are basic to effective learning and communicating through writing in any discipline. This course uses the APA Style Manual.
HUM 118 KE Classical & Christian Cultures HIS231 View View
Human achievement in philosophy, theology, literature, and art is examined in historical context from ancient times to the Renaissance.
HUM 119 KE Humanities From The Renaissance To The Present HIS232 View View
This is a survey course of the historical, cultural, social, economic, and religious developments in western civilization. This course will examine, through reading, writing, and discussion, the dominant ideas in western culture as expressed in the philosophy, art, literature, and music from a Christian perspective.
LD131 Goals Priorities Attitudes LD131 View View
The setting of goals, as well as priorities among those goals, with an emphasis upon how those goals and priorities relate to the realities and aspirations of life. The attitude of the individual including other aspects of psychological makeup and how it impacts upon the ability and willingness to set goals and priorities. An emphasis upon how goals, priorities and attitudes can lead to effective Christian personal management.
LDP 421 KE Case Studies in Leadership LD431 View View
Case studies will be selected for in-depth study of the application of leadership concepts with particular reference to those concepts found in Scripture. Students will develop a written analysis of their style of leadership. Related issues are introduced through readings.
PSS 105 KE Goals, Priorities and Attitudes SSS112 View View
This course is an intensive study toward building and enhancing college-level academic achievement by strengthening learning strategies and study skills. It provides a concentrated emphasis on general and specific content-area academic learning techniques, motivation, learning styles, meta-cognition and self-assessment processes, time management, goal setting, support systems, online learning, and best practices for achieving academic excellence in post-secondary learning environments. The course provides a foundation for self-reliance and independent learning and performance in college through development of contextual skills and awareness, academic behaviors, and key cognitive strategies. No course prerequisites.
PSS 201 KE Introduction To Psychology PSY133 View View
Problems, principles and methods in general psychology prepare for a number of professional fields. Topics include human development, motivation, emotion, learning, personality and abnormal behavior.
SCS 105 KE Environmental Science ESC110 View View
This course introduces principles of environmental science with a purposefully Christian perspective. Course topics include understanding our environment, evolution, species interactions, human populations, biomes, environmental conservation, environmental health, pollution, energy and environmental policy, and sustainability. An important goal is to gain an understanding of the environment and our place in it. Underlying this course will be the concept of biological stewardship and the idea that all humans are required by God to be careful and thoughtful in our usage of Earth's limited resources. There are many voices saying how we can best live on Earth, it is necessary to personally evaluate and understand what God says also.
SCS 215 Introduction to Earth/Space Science ESC120 View View
This course introduces principles of earth and space science with a purposefully Christian perspective. Earth and space sciences include the detailed study of Earth's materials, hydrologic systems, tectonic systems, as well as an understanding the other planets in our solar system. Underlying this course will be the examination of God's hand in this orderly creation and the His continued involvement in it.